Fate of IOM MBBS entrance examination still undecided



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Following the misconduct by the examinees in the TU IOM MBBS entrane examination, the Free Students’ Union has demanded that the Institute of Medicine should re-take the MBBS entrance examination in a fair manner.

In a press release released today, FSU has demanded that IOM is responsible to decide what is to be done to the entrance examination that was taken on October 14.

It had  been confirmed by the Police that the question paper of the entrance examination had been leaked but still IOM has not responded on this matter.

Arunima Secondary School was one of the exam centers where the police had arrested the culprits of the misconduct, who had helped the examinees give the answers using the electronic devices.

Police continued the operation and arrested 19 more suspects from exam centres in Chabahil, Swoyambhu and Kamalpokhari.

According to Police, the examinees used hi-tech wireless devices to relay questions to racketeers, including doctors, experts and educational consultancy operators, who helped the test takers write their papers.

Android mobile phone sets, laptops, bluetooth devices and wireless ear plugs are among the gadgets recovered by police. Most of the arrestees, who helped the examinees cheat, are Indian.

Over two dozens people were arrested for cheating and helping the test takers cheat in the examination.

Preliminary investigation shows that the racket had targeted to collect over Rs 50 million by helping 500 students cheat via wireless gadgets. Similarly, five persons, including Suresh Sah, 24, were arrested for taking MBBS entrance test on behalf of others. Some consultancy operators have also been arrested for investigation.