Far-western University activities halt due to protests



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The conflicts and diferent protests that have been ocurring time and again since its establishment has caused the Far-western Unversity to halt all of its activities one another time. The academic as well as infrastructural work have ceased due to the ongoing protests in the Unversity

The reason for these protests have been the un-heard demands of the students for the required facilities and infrastructure in the University. Students have set up relay and hunger strikes to fulfill their demands. The protest asking classroom, laboratory and subject-wise Lecturer by the students of engineering faculty had led the University to close for 3 weeks. The NSU has pad-locked the central office of the university from Shrawan 24 and the administrative work has been almost ceased. The union has  presented its demands for correction in the improper deployment of officials, to apply for completion of the University law, hiring the employees as per the seniority and qualification and so on in their  eight-points demand letter to the University. The Students Union have said that the registrar and the Vice-chancellor have been indifferent in heeding to the demands while the registrar of the university blames it all on the students for keeping impossible demands that they cannot fulfill.