Experts says Scholarship can help improve education sector



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Experts have said effective campaign for granting scholarship to students is the only solution to uplift the academic sector. They also stressed on the need of transparency in scholarship campaigns to bring about reforms in the academic sector. 

According to a survey carried out by Rural Development Centre, Nepal, as many as 84,000 children are out of school while 26,000 persons are illiterate in Rautahat. RDC Chairman Paras Husain said investment made by the government in the education sector of the district had failed to yield positive results. 

“The government invests millions of rupees to reform the education sector in the district each year,” he said. “But local political parties, civil society, leaders of the villages and other stakeholders had not shown their due concern to improve the quality of education in the district.” 

Senior journalist Chandra Kishor said despite advocacy for federalism by leaders, the education sector in Rautahat was going backwards. 

“Education standard has not improved due to irregular distribution of allocated budget by head teachers,” he added. He said granting scholarship was the only way to attract those children who are outside the school. “Scholarship campaigns haven’t been productive so far,” he said, adding that children are motivated to join other fields rather than pursuing their education. 

Similarly, former education secretary Balananda Poudel expressed his dissatisfaction at political interference in scholarship plans, saying politicisation had deprived many children of education. 

“Academic institutions are peace zones and therefore they should not involve in or be influenced by politics,” he said.