Excess of Students Result in Close of Admission in Government School



Gaighat, Udayapur, 6 Jestha (RSS): A few years back, the parents were attracted to get their children admitted to the private school. However, now it has just been the opposite that parents are more interested in admitting their children on governmental school instead of private schools. One of the examples amongst such governmental school is Triyuga Higher Secondary School situated in Udayapur.

Triyuga Higher Secondary School situated at Gaighat, Udayapur had started teaching in English medium since five years back. The new admission session of this year in the English medium has increased excessively resulting the administrative to close the admission further.

As per the school administrators, in the month of Baisakh of the admission session, the students being admitted in the English medium had reached to almost thousands in different classes. Thus, the school administration had decided to close the admission for this year due to the increasing number of students coming for the admissions.

The principal of Triyuga Higher Secondary school, Subash Bista informed that almost two thousand students are studying in school.

In this year, from class five onwards, the students admitting in school had reached to thousand and now due to the incapability of school to take further admission, said principal Bista.

One of the teachers of the school, Sanjay Dutt said, "Within the month of Baisakh, one thousand students were admitted, now there are not enough classrooms and buildings for taking further admission resulting in closing the admission."

According to the administration of the school, they decided to close the admission for this year due to students leaving the other private school in and around Gaighat and continuing admission in Triyuga which results in exceeding of students beyond the school’s capability. This made the school administration to close the admission for this year.

One of the parents, Kamal Pariyar who enrolled his child in school said, "Now, the education has started in English medium even in public school, and we have heard that the students who studied in public school will get the priority in the governmental job."

The students of English medium of Triuga have appeared the SEE in English medium for the first time in the district of Udayapur informed Bista.

Only a year back that the system of teaching in English medium had started in ten community school of Udayapur.

The head of District Education Coordination Unit, Harihar Dhital said that from this academic session, the system of teaching and learning in English medium has started in three dozens of community schools.

Now, the government has made the policy to give the priority in public jobs and provision of giving technical courses to the students who have enrolled in governmental school. Furthermore, the system of teaching in English medium in community school has started which results in the exceeding number of students in the community schools in Udayapur.