The exams of temporary teachers asked to be postponed by the Education Minister himself



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Deputy and Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha has been pressurizing the Teachers’ Service Commission to halt the exam of Temporary teachers for making them permanent. The exam was scheduled to be held on Bhadra 1st. Shrestha had done an agreement to provide priviliges even if the teachers fail the examinations. The education law which was amended last year has the mention of making those teachers permanent who have been appointed before 2049 till 2072 2nd of Asoj and have been working as temporary teachers, within one year. According to this law, the TSc had scheduled the exam on 23rd of Asadh before this but it was postponed by the order of Education Minister himself showing the protest of temporary teachers, Then the exam was rescheduled for 3rd of Bhadra. However, Shrestha has pressurized the Commision once again by calling the officials to the Ministry itself. “ Honorary Minister Shrestha has requested us to postpone the exam.” Says Chairman of Commission Tana Gautam. “ We said that since the exam is being taken as per the law, we cannot do that.”.

Education Minister had indicated the Teachers’ Federation as an excuse for postponing of the exam but the federation has already submitted the letter to the Minister to conduct the exam on time. However, the Education Minister had called the officials of the commission again to tell that the exam must be conducted on the scheduled date after getting the letter from the Teachers’ Federation. The Chairman of the Commission expressed his surprise over the behavior of the Education Minister.

The law which was passed by the majority of the parliamentary votes mentions that the teachers should choose between the facilities and the examination. The temporary teachers have been protesting against this law and are demanding for the facilities to even those teachers who fail the exam. The teachers have reached to the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and even wrote letter to former king Gyanendra Shah.

The experts suggest that if we want to improve our community schools, then ones who opt for facilities should be given them and those who choose exam should be given a fair examination. Despite of the fixed laws on the facilities and examinations, Minister Shrestha had signed on the agreement such as providing facilities to even those who fail and making the exam easier, on 9th of Asadh. The Education Minister has been acting as a hurdle for the promotion of the teachers who have worked for years as temporary teachers.

(Source: Kantipur, 30th July)