Exams Going To Be Conducted Without Procedures


Hetauda - Ten local levels of the district are in the process of conducting the basic level (Class 8) examination even though the procedures have not been prepared. Although Gadhi Rural Municipality has formulated procedures it has not been published in the Gazette, whereas others are in the phase of discussion. Basic level examinations are being carried out on all the local level schools beginning from Chaitra 8.

Hetauda Sub Metropolitan, Thaha Municipality along with Bhammafedi, Bagmati, Bakaiya, Manahari, Raksirang, Kailash and Indra Sarovar Rural Municipality has not formulated procedures. District Education Officer Badrinath Sharma said that, “Without the formation of laws (procedures) problems will arise, but it can be operated.” He added, “The law has mentioned that the basic level examinations will be conducted by the local levels.”  According to Sharma, a committee is going to be prepared in the collaboration of chairman of social development committees of every local level, for the conduction of the examinations. The committee would consist of at least 1 female staff, with 3 teachers and an education officer as a member secretory. “Since the local levels are going to conduct the examinations we are going to be providing technical assistance to them," said District Education Officer Sharma. He informed that formulation of question papers, printing, conduction of examinations, checking answer book, result publications, and all other works will be all done by the local levels.

District Education Officer Sharma has accepted the fact that the work of education from local level is effective. He said that, “With the problems and possibility of the local level being known to the local people’s representative, works are being done as per the necessity and requirement.” “Due to the co-ordination no problems has arisen,” he added. However, he has accepted that he has noticed problems regarding the lack of enough technical manpower in the field of education. District Chairman of Nepal Teachers’ Federation, Jiwan Dhakal has expressed confidence in the smoothness and uniformity everyone would feel considering the works are being carried out from the local level itself.

Staffs are unwilling to leave

Even though the government has said to provide all education related services from the local level, staffs have not reached in 7 local levels in the district. Even though authority level officials have been hired in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan, Thaha Municipality and Gadhi Rural Municipality officials have not reached in other Rural Municipalities. District Education Officer Sharma said that even though the work was affected it has not been stopped completely. "It is true that the staffs are not willing to go and also problem has arisen due to the service group disputes" he said, “the service has not been stopped,other officials are providing service to the place where the employees are not available.” In 16 centers out of 18 in the, only other officials are working. In the District Education Office, 2 Assistant District Education Officer, 2 Branch Officers, Pras 1, Accountant 2, Nashu 2 and drivers are employed. In the education department, officials of Deputy Secretary Level and Department of Branch Authorized Level will resort. "Which staff would be willing to go to a place with less facility?" District Education officer Sharma said, “There is a lack of staffs in the local level, because staffs were sent only on the demands of the ministry and the department”

District Education Office itself in Problem.

The District Education Office is itself facing the problem of the building. After the Internal affairs and Law Ministry has been kept in the office building, the District Education Office has been shifted to the Aguwa Stotra Centre in Hetauda. District Education Officer Badrinath Sharma said that despite some uncomfortability the services were not affected. "We had to displace after the ministry was staying," he said, "It has been uncomfortable, but the service has not been affected."

He accepted that it was uncomfortable to perform store-related works from a congested place.