Examination Routine of MBA, MBM, BHM, MTTM, MPA, BBA, BHM, BIM, BMS, BPA and BTTM Published



Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management, Examination Controller Division, today publishes examination schedule of various semester programs. Examination routine of following progarms and semesters were published today

  1. MBA E 2nd Semester
  2. MBM 2nd and 4th Semester
  3. MHM 2nd and 4th Semester
  4. MTTM 2nd and 3th Semester
  5. MPA 2nd Semester (The examination is post-poned till the next notice)
  6. BBA 1st and 5th Semester
  7. BHM 1st and 3rd Semester
  8. BIM 1st and 5th Semester
  9. BMS 1st Semester
  10. BPA 1st and 5th Semester
  11. BTTM 1st and 5th Semester 

DOWNLOAD: Exam Routine of various Semester Programs of Tribhuvan University.pdf