"Errors seen after changing numbers into grade": SEE Result Investigation Committee



There was a technical error in the publication of the SEE results of the students as there is the change in the grade of the students, concluded the Investigation Committee for SEE. 

According to Education, Technology and Technical Ministry, the reports states that the error has occurred due to examinees' numbers changed into the grade. In the process of study, it shows that whatever happened was not human error but due to the technical error. ‘ Students’ score has not changed, turning of students' score into grades creates a difference in results said the nearest source of the investigative committee. The committee had done in-depth investigation for 6 days of result publication process. 

After the completion of testing of answer sheet to the assessment process, the error had not seen informed the committee.  Students who got 90 marks should possess grade A+. However, it shows grade A instead of A+, one of the nearest sources said.  Office of the controller of examination has accepted earlier the difference in grade of 9 thousand and 64 students. However, according to the investigation report, the numbers of students having error may have increased. One of the members of the committee informed that while preparing the Grade sheet of the students who got 50,70 and 90 marks, they found out the error. 

The office has published the result in the Grading System. There was the difference of 0.4 to 0.05 GPA in one subject. It seems that the nature of the error was different from each Grade sheet. There was the difference of 0.4 GPA in one subject of some students whereas in some of the students there was the difference of 0.4 GPA in all eight subjects. The report mentioned that most of the errors were of the same nature. 

Under the leadership of the Administrative head of the Teacher Service Commission, Dr. Tulsi Prasad Thapaliya formed the Investigative Committee submitted the report on Tuesday. The report has not made public yet saying that it is still in the process of study.  After the submission of the report, Education Ministry Giriraj Mani Pokharel had taken the action against Examination controller, Ambika Prasad Regmi. As per the Ministry of Education, due to the weakness in the management of Regmi, the error has occurred. The responsibility of the office is given to Executive Director of Curriculum Development Center, Krishna Prasad Kapri.