Error in SEE Result: Education minister apologized



Kathmandu: Education minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel has apologized for the failure of management and technical aspects while publishing the examination of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). National Assembly meeting which was held on Sunday and in reply for clarification by the member of Nepali Congress, Badri Pandey about the mistake while publishing SEE result, Minister Pokharel informed that as per the report submitted by the three-member investigative committee, the examination controller had been arrested. ‘ Administrative and technological error had occurred.’    

He said that he will inform that the result which came from the software has not affected the students’ success. 
More than 9 thousand students Grade had increased in SEE result which was published by the Examination Controller Office. After 24 hours of result publication, the office found the fault and later corrected the mistake. “After the publication of result, the grade of students was not constant.” Education minister Pokarel said, “Actually, I apologize for whatever happened.”  He said that the Ministry of education has forwarded to organize all the things since National Examination Board has formed. After receiving an error, the office formed a three-member investigation committee in collaboration with the administrative head of the Teacher Service Commission. After the submission of report, Examination Controller, Ambika Prasad Regmi was transferred to the Ministry.