Efforts are being made to remove Mathematics and Science


Kathmandu: Efforts are being made to remove the subjects, Mathematics and Science as compulsory in classes 11 and 12 to minimize the burden. 

The government believes that it will minimize educational pressure on the students as majority of the students were not being able to pass the subjects like mathematics and science. 

Current management will make class 11 and 12 moves towards single direction while it will add two commercial oriented subjects as an optional subject including five as major subjects in class 9 and 10. Under the chairmanship of  Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokharel held National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Committee agrees on the draft. The finalized draft has not been public yet.  

 Executive Director of Curriculum Development Center, Mr. Krishna Prasad Kapri stresses that education is a key requirement of the nation and understanding the existing global scenario, the addition of subject, social science is made compulsory.  
 “All the students do not need the subjects such as mathematics and science. To minimize the educational burden and its impact, the format has been managed informed Kapri.

He said that on the basis of the new draft,  they were on the discussion whether to implement the new curriculum/course wholly or partially and further informed that they have sought consultant from the expert. 

The center has prepared a committee of subjective experts and modified the curriculum of subjects.

"Is new format based on unclear and haste?" was the question asked to director Kapri, in which he replied, "It is not like that. Not only employees are involved in this, but it is the political level decision made under the consultation of experts. The government is ready to make amendments in subject matters or principle if needed."

To make the Constitution of Nepal, Federal structure and the sight for Prosperous Nepal favorable, the drafting format has prioritized Credit hour structure and professional education along with the vision of developing people for the prosperous nation which is based on socialism oriented social justice.

Education Minister, Pokharel has been stating the importance of the study of Human values, nature, science, the universe, meditation attention, culture, Ethnic education and stress management to implement behavioral and skill-based practical education for students for prosperous Nepal.

Curriculum expert, Dr. Tirtharaj Parajuli, said that the new format should be based on vision rather than comparing higher level education with a lower level.
He also said that the education ministry prepared the format in haste without proper discussion and decision making.

New format adapted the principles of basic rights of the constitution, the structure of Federal, state and local levels, questions on socioeconomic changes, development programs on the school level, focusing the importance of education and child psychology in the sustainable development of the nation.

- Gorkhapatra