Educational Institutions Mandated to Remain Closed Two Days a Week

May 11, 2022
Last updated May 24, 2022
Educational Institutions Mandated to Remain Closed Two Days a Week

The two-day weekend, which includes Saturday and Sunday holidays, is mandated in educational institutions across the country. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has ended the uncertainty that surfaced after the government opted to grant two days of public leave per week.

Due to the sheer rise in international fuel prices and the reduction in Nepal's foreign exchange reserves, the ministry's meeting today urged the institutions to follow the government's request for a two-day holiday a week.
Deepak Sharma, a spokesperson for the Ministry, said the decision was made based on inputs from stakeholders on the topic of granting public vacation two days every year.

The government is preparing a new academic calendar for the current year, 2079 BS, in accordance with the two-day leave system. According to education legislation, schools must be open for at least 220 days and educate for at least 180 days per academic session. According to the decision, if the institutions adhere to the mandate and close on Sundays, the school will be open for just 192 days and closed for the remaining 173.

The administration believes that this will help the country's economic recovery. Office hours have been extended by an hour due to the government's decision to offer two days of leave.