Educational Institute should produce quality manpower


Kathmandu, Falgun 23: Educational institute should not only keep success as their main priority but also should make producing good citizens as their priority. In the Educational Exhibition conducted in the Apex Life School of the capital, it was mentioned that after studying in the educational institutes of Nepal it is necessary to focus the priority in producing good citizens as well as successful people.

 Inaugurating the program was the Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, Beni Omar, and during the inauguration, he said that the educational institutions should make the production of quality manpower as their topmost priority. He mentioned that it was due to education that the United States of America and the United Kingdom were advanced and Nepal should also be following that.

Joint Secretary and spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Dr. Hariprasad Lamsal, said that due to the political instability in Nepal the education had not taken the pace that they hoped. He added that the education of Nepal could be well managed if there will be a proper coordination between students, parents and the school.

The exhibition showcased objects that the students prepared in the process of studying. The director of the school, Subash Neupane, said that the exhibition was organized with the objects the students made in the whole year in subjects like Nepali, Mathematics, Science and Social. The exhibition included the creation of three hundred students.