Education situation improving in Dang



The local levels of Dang are dedicated to improving the education quality in the community schools of the District. Local Levels have said that they started this initiative after a lot of questions arose regarding the low education quality of the community schools. 

The local residents have forwarded various ideas to increase the quality of the education. Babai Rural Municipality located in the district has made English-Medium compulsory to improve education. Chairperson of the rural municipality, Bhuwaneshwor Paudel, said that there were 34 schools in the rural municipality and decision had been made to make English medium compulsory in nursery, grade 1 and grade 2. 

To improve the education situation English medium has been made compulsory, rural municipality head Paudel said, management for the grant for English medium has started. 

Likewise, Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City has decided to enroll children of representatives and teachers in community schools. Lunch program has been started in the community schools to make the children more attracted towards community schools. Ward head of Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan – 18, Madhav Oli, informed that lunch program was started for students of grade 1, 2 and 3 of Janakalyan School and Janta Sanskrit School. The school has decided to provide a different type of lunch every day. 

Coordinator of the education department of Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City, Devraj Bishwokarma, said that for a model, lunch program was launched in Ward number 18 and slowly the program will also be started in other wards to increase the attraction of students towards the community schools. 

Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City has also decided to make the pre-primary level fully English medium, said spokesperson, Bharat Aryal. Schools who will be conducting classes in English Medium will be provided with grants.

To increase the quality of community schools 10 local levels of the district have kept English medium as their priority.