Education should be integrated with science and technology: Minister Pokhrel



Bhaktapur, Nov 23 (RSS): Minister for Education Giriraj Mani Pokhrel has spoken of the need to integrate education with science and technology to realize the government's motto: 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'. 
Addressing the silver jubilee of the University Grants Commission here today, Minister Pokharel reiterated that education should incorporate science and technology and research to prosper the country. 

Pokharel said, "We are here not to give continuity to the traditional and exam-oriented education system. We are here to interlink education with development. Education system be implemented by linking it with production" 

According to him, government was doing homework to declare Nepal to be a fully literate country by bringing back to school all those students, estimated to be 300,000 across the country, who were still out of school owing to various reasons. 

Furthermore, he shared that the preparations were afoot to link educational institutions with the Green Campaign.The Minister pledged to take measures to reform and revamp the education system by addressing the anomalies and impunities prevailing in the education sector in the country. 

Moreover, Minister Pokhrel informed that government was inching towards formulation of federal education policy and to classify the Universities in the countries into national or provincial. Draft for the same was prepared while recommendations would be collected from all seven provinces to prepare second draft, he added. Similarly, Chairman of the Commission Prof Dr Bhim Prasad Subedi painted a grim picture of the education sector in the country and pledged to move ahead by reforming the sector.