The education operation procedure stranded



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Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan Municiaplity has not been able to pass the City Education Procedure (Nagar Sikshya Karyabidhi). The conflicts have risen after the chairman of the different wards  have been insistent on themselves to be the chairman of the school management committee as well.

The chief of the city education, Bir Bahadur Nepali has said that there has been difficulty to run the school administration and management since the education procedure ( Sikshya Karyabidhi) has not been passed.

Nepali also stated that the interference of politics iin the education has seriously hampered the educaiton sector due to which the procedure has not yet been implemented.

With the country being going to federal governemnt and the schools coming under the local government, the education procedure to run the school should be formulated by the City Municipality Executive Office.

The Procedure was formulated as per the format given by the Department of Education, which was then presented in the Board Meeting of the Executive office of the municipality.In the meeting, the conflict of opinion had risen in the point of the appointment of School Management Committee chairman.

The mayor of Dhangadhi Sub-metropoiltan Municipality has stated that discussions have been going on for the chairman of the school management committee. .

Teachers as well as parents have not been content with the demands of the Ward chairman of being the chairman of the school management committee as well.There are about 5 to 10 schools in each ward, the chairman of the ward as well the management committee does not seem to be suitable, says  one of the parents. 

However the chairman of the ward no. 7, 12 and 14 have said that they should not sit in the management committee. They have told that the duties of the chairman of the ward should be more focused on the development of the local infrastructure.

(Source: RSS)