Education Minister Girirajmani Pokhrel insists on transformation of community schools



Surunga, May 12 (RSS): Minister for Science, Technology and Education Girirajmani Pokhrel has said the concept of a model school was introduced for the transformation of community schools. 

Stating that efforts for a decade of community schools transformation had begun, he made it clear that the government was working to connect education with science and technology. 

While laying a foundation stone for a model school to be developed under the Mahendra Ratna Secondary School at Birtamod-5 today, the Minister insisted that discourse, reforms and revolution were needed in education sector. 

"Public education should be the means of eliminating a class system," he said, adding that the concept of model school was envisaged to enhance trust of community schools. He expressed his concern over the dominant mindset that education was a business for making profit which according to him should be eliminated. 

He urged the schools not to impose study but identify students' interest first and cater education accordingly.