Education Fair at the NAC this week



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Aug 8, 2017-

The second edition of the Innovation in Education Fair (IEF), 2017, will take place at Nepal Art Council in Babarmahal, starting August 10. The four-day fair, organised by Quixote’s Cove and supported by the US Embassy and Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, provide a “forum for educational professionals to discuss ways in which our teachign and learning practices can be more engaging, meaningful and memorable for both students and teacher.”

“One of the objectives of the fair is to prod students to think critically and creatively to solve real world problems—an approach that makes students inquisitive and encourages them to investigate and learn rather than just memorise and regurgitate the text,” organisers said.

Along with workshops, the fair also features presentations, interactive exhibits, film screenings, and other performance arts. Each day of the fair will also feature panel discussions with workshop mentors and performers.

Among the mentors and performers selected for this year’s event are Niranjan Kunwar, Dorje Gurung, Shreeti Pradhan, Prathama Raghavan, Actors’ Studio and Mi Ku.

Interested individuals can apply for the workshop by filling up a form available online at the Fair’s sites.

Source: The Kathmandu Post