Education Certificate as a mortgage for taking a loan


Gulmi, Jestha 16: The program of providing a loan to youths by keeping the educational certificate as a mortgage has started in Gulmi. 

District Youth Committee Office, Gulmi on Tuesday organized a press meet with the initiative, ‘One ward, Ten youths, One business Program.' 

By keeping the youths’ certificate as mortgage the program named ‘One ward, Ten youths One business program' is going to be initiated. From the three elected areas of Gulmi district, out of the proposal for the business program, five business ideas have been selected for the final decision. Those business proposals have been brought to National Youth Committee, Kathmandu. 

 The Chairperson of Committee, Rajendra Bikram Kunwar addressed in a press meet that as per the policy of the government, National Youth Council is going to work for the development of ability, leadership and entrepreneurship skills of an individual. The council will work with 16-40 aged group people and those works will be implemented by the District Youth Committee Office, Gulmi.

The trend of youths going to abroad for employment has been increasing day by day. In this context, the government has established the National Youth Council with the aim to bring skill-based training, business loan and also coordinate with government and non- government organizations for the creation of employment. 

District Youth Committee, Gulmi informed about the program which was already organized, currently running and future program. In the press meet, there was the participation of active journalists of the district. 

Source : Gorkhapatra