Education and health should not be given to local level: State Minister



Bhaktapur, Oct 3 (RSS): State Minister for Health and Population Dr Surendra Kumar Yadav has argued that the health and education should not be given to the local level but rather given to the district, arguing that the local level would not be able to take the responsibilities of these sectors. 

Addressing an event organized by Martyr Dharmabhakta National Human Organ Transplant Centre at Bhaktapur on the occasion of the World Heart Day today, State Minister Yadav shared that the government was effortful to establish health institutions in around 2400 wards of the country still lacking modern health posts. 

Stating that the health workers should not be job-oriented but service-oriented to render efficient and effective healthcare, Yadav pledged to dispatch doctors to the health centres in the villages across the country where around 80 per cent of the total population reside. 

According to him, not even 10 per cent of the total numbers of graduated doctors would go to the remote health posts. Expressing his concern over the growing cases of ailments relating to cardio, cancer, kidney and liver among others, he opined that the increasing rate of consumption of tobacco and alcohol among the educated section of population was more a cause for concern. On the occasion, Centre's Executive Director Dr Pukar Chandra Shrestha shared that around 600 patients were waiting for their turn for kidney dialysis and 18 for liver transplant. He drew the attention of the government towards the growing influx of the patients in the Centre and the lack of adequate human resources and space to render effective medical care to them. 

According to him, in lack of a cardiologist, the Centre has not been able to provide cardiac facilities although it has advanced tool that could function round the clock. Likewise, cardiologist Dr Mohan Dev Bhandari claimed that the long traffic jam in Koteshwor was posing threat to the lives of many cardiac patients and asserted it was imperative to operate a sophisticated cardiac tool that costs more than Rs 200 million to render cardiac services to the patients. 
On the occasion, Centre's cardiologist Dr Rajiv Raj Bhandari and Centre's former Nursing In-charge Indira Pradhan were feted.