Due to the lack of teachers’ appointment, School of Rural region get affected



Katunje Besi( Kavre): Rural places of this district are appointing teacher from private source due to the lack of appointment from the year 2042 due to the political instability. 

In the community school of the urban area, students are in minority compared to teachers whereas, in the rural area, teachers are kept through the private source to run the school informed one of the locals. 
The public representative informed that there are more teachers in Dulikhel, Banepa, and Panauti whereas the rest of the 10 Municipalities and rural municipalities have very few teachers which hamper in the teaching process. 

Chairperson of Roshi Municipality, Dal Bahadur Lama said that due to the unavailability of teachers, they had to manage the source from the community to run the school. He said that four primary schools , five lower secondary and two secondary schools have been running in a hardly any appointment within Roshi Rural Municipality.   

As per Lama, Jan Adarsha Primary School of Bhimpokhari, Rangeen Nepal Primary School and Jwolamukhi Primary of Mahadevtar and Dumber Primary School have 51, 22, 31 and 29 students respectively, however, there is the lack of appointment of teachers in those school. Similarly, Bhimeshwor Primary School, Kalidevi Primary School, Indrodaya Primary School, Krishna Primary School, Jugeshwor Primary School of Jukepani have some appointments in primary level but not in lower secondary and secondary level. 

From class 6 onwards, there should be a specific subject teacher. However, the schools of this community keep the teachers from the private source which consist of very limited teachers, informed the locals. This year, 260 students got admitted to Jugeshwor Primary School of Jukepani. 

Students came from the neighboring district, Sindhuli, Netrakali to Jugeshwor Primary School. However, in the school, in total, five primary school is in appointment informed the school source. Head of Education committee of Roshi Rural Municipality, Jaya Bahadur Waiba informed that there are 31 primary, 22 lower secondary, and 16 secondary level community schools.  

In this fiscal year 2074/75, including child development center, there are 7 thousand 2 hundred students get admitted. In the rural Municipality, except Child Development center, there are 297 appointments for teachers. There are 205 in primary level, 53 in lower secondary and 39 in secondary level for the appointment of teachers, informed Waiba. 

Locals presented their dissatisfaction even though the government made the provision that quality education is children’s right however in Roshi  Rural Municipality have very limited teachers in compared to students which result in the hindrance in the teaching process. 

The executive made a decision for the compulsion to teach the children of public representative and employee to community schools. This made the parents who have admitted their children to private schools also shifted their children to community schools.