District Education Offices not to be scrapped this year



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The Ministry of Education's delay in adjustment process of its staff at the local level is likely to make the structure of district education offices remain this year.

Constitutionally the responsibility of Secondary level education is under the local government bodies. The Ministry of Education's inability to handover its employee to the local level on time affected the process.Various activities related to education are being performed by the current structure of District Education Office.

Though it will be difficult to implement federalism in education unless the current structure of Department of Education, Regional Education Directorate and the 75 District Education Office is not changed, the old structure is chosen this year as transitional structure.

Baburam Paudel, Director General, Department of Education said, "government has allocated the budget of fiscal year 2017/18 under various headings to district education office rather than to the local level so the district education office will not be scrapped immediately."

Officials from Ministry of Education and various departments opines that the task to adjust the employees in various local level is difficult and challenging. Trade unions are trying to pressurize the authority to make adjustments as per their demands.