Desire to leave the classroom still unfulfilled


Kathmandu –  The desire of 3 thousand temporary teachers of community schools who want to take leave from the classroom after receiving facilities, has not been fulfilled due to the negligence of Ministry of Education. Even though they wanted to leave since a year the government has forced them to take part in examinations with various amendments to the laws. According to the Ministry of Education, the teachers who have been selected from the open competition will not be bid farewell until they have been sent to schools. Hari Lamsal, a spokesperson for the Education Ministry, said that there should be the modifying of the rules of the Teacher Service Commission for open advertisements.

The Commission had collected the details of a teacher who wanted to go home with facilities one year ago. The number of teachers who wanted to go home and had submitted their names to the Education Office was 9,284. This number belongs to the teacher who is employed before 2061 B.S. After the ninth amendment of the Law which enabled teachers who want to go home to take the examination, 3,000 teachers were ready to go home without taking examinations.

2,748 temporary teachers, who have entered till 2061 B.S. Saun 21, are going to go home with facilities. Out of which, 427 are temporary teachers from before 2049 B.S, 1,431 temporary teachers of lower secondary levels and 623 of secondary levels from 2049 B.S. to 2061 B.S. It has been estimated that 300 teachers who have been temporary teachers after 2061 B.S. have wanted to go home. 
A teacher who wanted to go home will be bid farewell after giving the golden handshake, and by open competition capable teacher could be appointed in that post. ‘Even though we have submitted applications indicating that we wanted to go home, the government has not bid farewell to us' a temporary teacher working at a secondary school in the capital said, "The government is not interested in keeping capable candidates and have not given a farewell to us who are tired and aged now" he said. The Eighth Amendment of the Education Act had provisions to choose either facilities or examinations. After provisions being made for teachers who could get facilities even if they are failed in the examinations, as of the ninth amendment, 7,000 teachers who wanted to go home have also chosen examinations.
'It is not a sign of improvement in the education of the country, when teachers who wanted to go home after being fed up with teaching are not allowed to go home and are asked to teach again' another temporary teacher who wanted to leave said, 'We should immediately bid farewell to teachers who have not chosen examinations and conduct an open advertisement.'

Former government's Education Minister Gopalman Shrestha has reduced the quota of the open competition after reducing the 51 percent of seats to 25 percent in order to make the temporary teachers happy. Earlier, there had been approximately 15,000 quotas for open competition, but now after the amendment, the number of quotas is only limited to 5,500. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Hari Lamsal said that there will be a legal difficulty if the temporary teachers were given farewell before the posting of local teachers without open advertisement. Earlier, qualification for the lower level was Plus Two, and for the secondary level, graduate.

He said that due to the graduation and postgraduate arrangements, there is a problem with the open advertisement of lower secondary and secondary level unless the rules of the Teaching Service Commission are amended. "If the rules of the commission were to be amended, those who were selected from the open competition could be invited to school and those who wanted to go home could be given a farewell," he said. The Commission is taking examinations of temporary teachers on Chaitra 23. The date for the open competition, however, has not been fixed yet.