Department of Education to take an action against school with nil result in SLC



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The government on Sunday directed the Regional Education Directorates and District Education offices to take strict action against schools with nil result in School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination.

The Department of Education (DoE) has issued a circular to the district education offices asking them to seek clarification from all 331 schools with nil result, said DoE Director General Lav Dev Awasthi.

He added that the department would carry out investigation to find why the schools fared badly.

In addition, DoE is ready to open the debate on school reform and replace the old with qualified and experienced teachers, he further added.

“We acknowledge our failure and are now ready to transfer teachers so as to ensure that they do not misuse the privilege of being a local resident,” said Awasthi.

In all the districts Panchathar had the highest number of schools with nil result. Twenty three schools in the district had nil result whereas Lalitpur had lowest record of nil result school.

As per education rule, the government has authority to check such activities so that result for next year comes with improvement and to make sure that no principal and teachers from that school gets promoted, whereas government provides promotion to the working teachers whose performance is excellent.