Department of Education seeks PABSON clarification on send-up tests


Kokila KC

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The government has initiated the process of action against the Private and Boarding Schools Organisation Nepal for allegedly violating the government regulations and directives.

The Department of Education today sent a letter to PABSON, seeking written clarification within three days regarding its decision to charge certain fees from students to appear in SLC send-up tests despite the government’s directives not to hold such exams.

Laba Deo Awasthi, Director General, DoE, said, “We have asked PABSON for written clarification in the wake of media reports that send-up exams were being conducted against the government’s directives.”

Bal Bahadur Karki, Deputy Director, Institutional School Management Section, DoE, said that the government had begun the process of taking action against persons or institutions violating the rules and regulations by seeking clarification from PABSON within the given deadline.

“If clarification furnished by the PABSON is not satisfactory, DoE may punish the organisation as per the Education Regulations, 2011,” he said. 

DoE had instructed all District Education Offices across the country through five Regional Education Directorates on December 31, 2014 to take action against the schools that conduct send-up examinations against the Education Regulations.

According to the sixth amendment to the Education Regulations, a 10th grader with 70 per cent attendance in class is eligible to appear in SLC examination. However, PABSON has been conducting the screening through send-up exams. 

The schools that do not allow the students to appear in SLC exams based on their performance in the send-up exams will be fined with Rs 25,000, the Regulation states.

PABSON, National Private and Boarding Schools Association Nepal and Educational Coordination Committee and a group of community schools among others have been holding SLC send-up tests for the past several years. 

DK Dhungana, General Secretary, PABSON, said that they were going to conduct ‘SLC Practice Examination’ from January 18. “It is not SLC send-up test as described by media,” he said, adding, “It is just a practice test to develop confidence of SLC examinees.”

He clarified that there was no pass/fail provision in the ‘SLC Practice Examination’ as it was just a practice test. “We just facilitate the schools under our organisation by providing them with question papers as per their demand,” he added. He also denied allegations of threatening schools for taking send-up test under their management.

Sources also informed that PABSON is charging Rs 550 from each student for send-up exam. 

“We are not against taking practice test to prepare for the SLC exam but charging fees under different headings and screening students through send-up tests is both illegal and discouraging for aspiring students. This should be stopped,” said Suprabhat Bhandari, president, Guardian Association of Nepal. He also demanded action against those who violate the government rules and regulations.

Source: The Himalayantimes, 10 Jan 2015