Department of Education gives the 6 days'time limit to the District Education Offices



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Department of Education has given a 6 days time limit for all the district education offices to send the details of the school employees.

The Ministry of Finance had asked for the details of the employess to implement the Educaiton Law eighth amendment.

The Department has time and again asked for the details which have gone un-obeyed by the schools.

The details are also required by the Finance Ministry to specify the facilities to be given to the retired teachers. The deadline for submitting the details have been extended time and again since 15th of Bhadra which has now been finalized to Poush 15.

The details should include the name of the employee, date of appointment, facilities to be provided and the source of the payment.

The Department has initiated the collection of the data related to the teachers to acquire the knowledge of the total number of teachers and their facilities.