Demos for and against National Medical education Bill



Kathmandu, Jan 26 (RSS): Demonstrations have been held today at the Maitighar Mandala for and against the National Medical Education Bill, 2075 BS. 
Supporters of Dr Govinda KC and Bijaya Thapa organised the demonstration for and against the Bill, respectively. Dr KC is currently on a hunger strike demanding making changes to the Bill incorporating all points of the agreements signed by the government with him before this. 
Similarly, Thapa has been on a hunger strike calling for endorsement of the Bill in the form it has been passed by a parliamentary committee. 
The Solidarity for Dr KC Alliance has demanded taking back the Bill which the Parliament passed on Friday while Thapa’s supporters have called for implementing the Bill in deference to the sovereign parliament. 
The parliament passed the Bill with majority on Friday. 
Dr KC’s supporters had chanted slogans as ‘Abide the Agreement Reached with Dr KC’, ‘No Need of Medical Education Commission’, among others. 
The Joint Struggle Committee for Free Health, Education and Employment chanted slogans as ‘Implement the Medical Education Bill’, ‘Guarantee Fundamental Rights as Education, Health and Employment’, among others, on the occasion. 
Dr KC is on a fast-unto-death since January 9 calling for reforms in the medical education.