Delays in rebuilding school, health facilities


Close to three years from the disastrous Gorkha Earthquake, reconstruction of school buildings, health institutions and government offices, among other facilities, seems to be going at a slow pace with the rebuilding process yet to start for significant numbers of such properties.

According to a trimester review of the reconstruction drive published by the National Reconstruction Authority, 2,371 school buildings are yet to be reconstructed. Of the 7,553 school buildings damaged by the 2015 earthquake, construction of 3,079 buildings has been over while 2,103 buildings are being built. 

The report states that funds from the government, school management committees and several non-governmental organisations were mobilised to rebuild the schools. Among the 2,103 schools under reconstruction at as many as 447 have got the support of the Asian Development Bank, Japan Inter national Cooperation Agency and the United States Agency for International Development. Preparations are going on for the reconstruction of 622 school buildings by mobilizing the line of credit from India.

NRA officials admit that the reconstruction of such buildings was delayed due to increased focus on rebuilding private homes. The reconstruction of properties like school buildings, health facilities and government offices can be channelized through other agencies including the local governments and the line ministries, NRA Chief Executive Officer Yubaraj Bhusal said. 

In the health sector, out of the 1,197 buildings that need reconstruction, 544 are completely damaged. So far, 255 prefabricated structures have been set up with repair and retrofitting works over for 331 buildings, according to the NRA.

In case of government offices, only six out of 379 buildings have been ready. Reconstruction is going on for 120 buildings while retrofitting and repair works have completed for 203 structures. The slow pace of reconstruction has hit public service, especially in remote areas of the quake-affected districts.