'A day in School and Classroom' campaign kicks off in Dang



Lamahi, Dec 31 (RSS): Chief Minister of Province No 5, Shankar Pokhrel, has kicked off a unique campaign named 'A Day in School and Classroom' in Kawakhola Secondary School at Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City in Dang district today.  

The Campaign encourages parents to teach in the community schools in their locality or where their children are studying and observe the teaching-learning activities once in a year.  

It is aimed at creating a sense of belonging among the parents towards their children's schools and further strengthening the ties between schools and the local communities. 

On the occasion, CM Pokhrel taught the students at grade 10 section 'A' while Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City's Mayor Ghanashyam Pandey taught the students of grade 10 section 'B' while Province Assembly member Uttam Kumar Oli to the eight graders.  

The trio taught for around 90 minutes. It is first-of-its-kind campaign launched by Province No 5's provincial government from Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City today.  CM Pokhrel after educating the tenth graders said, "Now the parents could visit community schools and teach students and exhibit their skills."  

He was of the confidence that this campaign would increase parents' interest in community schools. The Campaign would be spread across all other community schools in the district.  The CM argued that the role of parents, teachers and students was equally important to improve the academic standards of community schools.  

He expressed his concern that parents and students were more attracted towards privately-run schools rather than the community schools despite the latter being resourceful.  

Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City Mayor Ghanashyam Pandey echoed with CM Pokhrel and expressed his confidence that the newly launched campaign would contribute towards increasing quality in education.