Dalit teacher not allowed to do attendance in Ramnarayan Ayodhya Secondary School



Gaushala, May 30( RSS): A school based in Pipara Rural Municipality of Mahottari, the district in state 2, has been padlocked for three days after the school principal did not allow a Dalit teacher to sign in.

Dinesh Das, a new math teacher, appointed to the Ramnarayan Ayodhya Secondary School, after he passed the recent Teachers’ Service Commission exam, was allegedly barred from signing the attendance register, just for being a Dalit. 

The principal’s unjust move enraged the locals who were some 100 in number padlocked the school as a result. Local leader Bikram Chaudhary of ruling Nepal Communist Party ( NCP) confirmed school principal Manoj Thakur’s discriminatory treatment against the new math teacher. 

A large number of students are forced to stay home due to the closure of the school.