Dadeldhura DEO picketed against teacher's transfer


Himalayan News Service

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DADELDHURA: Locals of Maurada today staged protests and chanted slogans at District Education Office against the transfer of a favourite and long serving school teacher in Dadeldhura. 

The agitating locals picketed the DEO at Baghkhor and chanted slogans against the education committee’s decision today. Irate guardians and security personnel scuffled when the agitators tried to vandalise the office. A large number of police force was mobilised to bring the situation under control after agitators forcefully invaded the DEO. 

Yagya Raj Joshi, Chairman of Baijnath Secondary School Management Committee, said locals demanded revocation of the transfer of teacher Yagya Bahadur Eir along with the appointment of Mathematics and Science teachers. 

The locals complained that Eir was transferred against government policy. The agitators complained that the DEO had unfairly transferred a teacher who had contributed immensely to impart quality education on a par with private boarding schools. 

“If the education committee doesn’t call off the decision promptly, we will announce a stern protest posting the school’s key and attendance registers to the DEO,” said Dilli Raj Joshi, a local, adding that if the education committee takes any decision against the bright future of the kids, we will launch a decisive protest against it.” 

The agitating guardians also submitted a memorandum to District Education Officer Durga Datta Bista on Monday. 

DEO Bista argued that Eir was transferred as per the directive of the Ministry of Education. Bista said that in-service teachers were to be transferred while new appointments were being made. “I must comply with the education committee’s decision,” he said.