CTEVT examinees clash with police at Jiri Technical School



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9th August, 2017

A clash erupted between students and police over the issue of torn answer sheet of an examinee. The answer sheet got torn when supervisor from CTEVT tried to snatch it from the examinee as he was copying the answers from a chit according to the CTEVT personnel.

The incident happened at the Jiri technical school, Dolakha during the examination of CTEVT. The clash lead to tear gas firing from police and hurling of stones from the students. Students even vandalised the school administration in the incident. Additional police personnel from Area Police office and District Police Office had to be sent to the Jiri to avoid an unpleasant situation. Examinees claimed that the answer sheet was torn by the inviligator and the supervisor forcefully. Examination has been halted until further notice.