Crowd for the Submission of Application Form for the post of teachers



Rajbiraj: There is the presence of large number of people for submitting the application form after Teacher Service Commission opened advertisement for the post of teachers. 

Education Development and Coordination Unit, Saptari informed that commission advertised for the post of a teacher and candidates reaching to submit the application form is 3,975 by paying the single fee within the deadline. 

The Head of Unit, Shanker Luitel informed that the candidates filling the application form for Primary level, Lower Secondary level, and Secondary level are 2263, 2245 and 3975 respectively. 

Teacher Service Commission has published the advertisement through open competition to fulfill the vacant position for the post of teacher. Information Officer, Deep Kumar Yadav informed that the applications have filled by temporary teachers and others who have a license and who meet the eligibility criteria. He further informed that it had been difficult for them to control the crowd as there was a large number of candidates arrived for form fill up and submission for the permanent post of teacher. However, they are able to complete."

He estimated that there won’t be as many candidates as previous which consist of paying doubled fees. He further informed that a single candidate has filled up the application form in more than one advertisement such as open, inclusive and many more. He added that some have filled up the application form in all three level as well. Thus, he clarified that through whatever advertisement one had filled the application form, if one is passed, s/he will be appointed in only one position.