Continuous strikes and padlocks weakening education system



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Due to continuous strikes and padlocking in the universities, colleges and school, system of education is being frail day by day affecting millions of students.

The team of teachers checking class 11 examination papers has padlocked Higher Secondary Education Board to raise their wage for checking copies. Teaches have padlocked the central office demanding wage rise which has put the publishing of results in vain.

To fulfill their need a team lead by Dr. Rameshor Upadyaye has been formed. Now they were receiving 18 and2 9 rupees each, for checking copies of 80 and 100 marks. “They started strike to get more than this” said Higher Secondary Education Board’s Secretary Narayan Koirala.

Similarly, The Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Committee on Tuesday padlocked the account sections of all the District Education Offices and Department of Education in the Capital demanding that they should be paid equal their permanent colleagues.

In the same way, Pokhara University lecturers, who were sacked four days ago without prior notice went on hunger strike and damaged belongings of the university. Protestor’s vandalize d the office of Vice-chancellor, Registrar and Dean, following which security personnel were deployed in large numbers to contain the situation.

Even the contract teachers of Community schools have stopped teaching and have started protesting against authority, demanding same as the increased salary of permanent teachers from this year after budget implementation.

In the similar way, the classes of Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science has been discontinuing since last three months. Due to the padlocked in the institute, studies of students who are doing their bachelors, masters and P.hd are hampered. Course of bachelors second semester is not yet complete.

Meanwhile, Even Mid-western University and Sanskrit University are on strikes due to various ambiguous reasons. 

When asked to secretary of Ministry of Education (MoE), Hari Lamasal, he said “Educational institutions should solve this problem of continuous strike in prior". He further added, "If there is a need of government handling the issues, they will see it, but complains are very less registered.