Construction Of Campus Building Started


Bardibas, 28 Falgun (RSS): The construction of an eight-room building in Bardibas Janta Multiple Campus, located in Mahottari District – 14 has started. Bidurkumar Karki, head of Bardibas Municipality, has inaugurated the construction work for the Eight-room building at the upper floor of the campus building on Sunday.

Bardibas Municipality has provided Rupees 45 million for the construction of the eight-room second floor at the top floor of the campus. Similarly, Campus Chief Top Bahadur Thakuri said that the process of availability of Rupees 12 lakhs from the University Grants Commission is in the final stage. The technical estimation for the construction of the second floor is supposed to be around Rupees 69 lakhs.

The Campus has also invited various education lovers to help in the construction of eight rooms on the third floor. "The eight rooms of the second floor will be completed with the help of Municipality and University Grants Commission," President of the Campus Building Construction Lila Mani Acharya said, “We have called for an open invitation for the construction of the memorial building of the third floor." According to Acharya the open invitation for the construction of the classroom would bring a commitment to keep the names and inscriptions in the memory of late relatives of the contributors.

The Campus, that is conducting undergraduate-level programs in education and commerce, has now begun the process for affiliations with the Tribhuvan University for the postgraduate study. Campus-chief Thakuri said that from the upcoming session classes for the post-graduate study would begin. Currently, 505 students are studying at the graduation level. It is very easy to continue higher education for married women since the campus was established in Bardibas. The campus was established in 2064 B.S.