Community schools’ teachers in Sindhupalchowk to compulsorily enroll their child to community school



Sindhupalchowk, June 5 (RSS): A nine-point ‘Pangretar Declaration’ issued in Sindhupalchowk has forwarded the plan that the community schools’ teachers should compulsorily enroll their children to the community schools. 

The plan has been put in place in view of reducing the dilemma prevailing the sector in the country as well as to help improve education quality in public schools.

The nine-point Declaration was recently signed by authorities of the District Education Committee, Chief of local units and governmental and non-governmental agencies working in the education sector in Sindhupalchowk district. 

The participants attending an event at Sunkoshi rural municipality in Pangretar where the Declaration was issued also vowed to implement the Declaration for the education development. 

With the school level education coming under the jurisdiction of the local governments following the implementation of federalism, the concerned authority in Sindhupalchowk district organized an event to ensure uniformity to the Education Act issued by the local units in the district and integrate the education policies and programmes for the district, according to District Education Committee Chairperson, Krishna Gopal Tamang. 

The Declaration has also called for streamlining the record-keeping of the permanent teachers in the community schools here on their transfer and promotion. 

Agreement was reached to streamline the records of the teachers after the employment adjustment process ended in March end this year and to appoint teachers in the positions lying vacant in the public schools in the district.