Community Schools with less students being merged



Tulsipur, 24 Jestha: Tusipur Sub- Metropolitan City has started the procedure to merge the community schools of the city. 

Even though the community schools had been running for a long period of time, the sub-metropolitan city had decided to merge the schools by forming procedures, as there were a lack of students on those schools.  

Coordinator of Education Committee, Devraj Biswokarma, said that two schools were being merged in the initial phase. 

He added that Netrajyoti Primary School situated in Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City - 16, Velahi was merged to Laxmipur Primary and the school situated in Ward Number 03 of Thapapani Primary was merged to Pratapkot Secondary. 

Other schools had also submitted the application to be merged and hence, they will be supervised and merged according to the education committee.

The teachers of the merged schools will be sent to different schools as per the requirement, said Devraj Biswokarma.