Community schools of the country face continued crisis



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Despite of the required budget allocated for the community schools the administration of these schools lack in providing the the basic infrastructure for the students.

The problem of theSalyantar Secondary Schoolof Dhading has an explanation to this. The school has been cutting off the budget released for the physical infrastructure development by the government for the salary of the teachers. The school has actually appointed 5 extra teachers for maintaining the quality of the education and competition with the private schools.

The number of posts allocated by the government is not sufficient for the school due to which the administration is forced to cut off the infrastructure expenses for fulfilling the salary of the extra teachers.

According to a former principal and the Nepali teacher of the school, the salary of the additional teachers has to be managed by the schools by cutting off from the various other necessary expenses, be it the stationery or the furniture.

Similar is the condition of another school of the Kalidevi Elementary School (Kalidevi Adharbhut Bidhyalaya) of Kavrepalanchok. The number of appointed teachers for this primary school by the government is only three. The school is employing other seven additional teachers from the internal expenses.

The administration of the community schools say that there is a lot of stress in the time to distribute the salary to the additonal teachers to collect the resources for the amount of money.

Similar to these two community schools, dozens of community schools are facing the crisis in the country. Despite of the fact that a large portion of the annual budget is separated for the education, community schools have yet to see the financial stability and the appointment of sufficient teachers by the government.

(Source:Annapurna Post)