Community school outperforms a private


Dailekh: There is the trend in Nepal whether it is from a rural or an urban area, the majority of parents sent their children to private schools believing that the quality of education is better than community schools.  However, this is not the case in Dailekh Guransh Rural Municipality-06. The local of Piladibasi is sending their children to community schools instead of privates. The parents are attracted towards the community school instead of privates due to the better quality in the education of government school. 

Nepal National Primary School of Dailekh Guransh Rural Municipality is one of the good community schools compared to private. The school is being able to outperform the private schools due to the effort made by the chairperson of School Management Committee, Prem Bahadur B. K and the support and consistency from the side of parents. Chairman of School Management  B.K said, he continued making plans day and night and informed the parents about his planning and got help from the parents more than he expected which made possible to make “Our School, Better School”. Now, the school is considered as one of the sample school. 

The school runs to class 5. The classrooms are well-carpeted and there are educational contents and materials kept in the classroom. Moreover, each classroom consists of a micro-library. Teachers do not need to remind the students to study.  Students study by themselves. Students learn by entertaining not by pressure. 
Chairman B. K informed that the students are not interested to go to private schools. To increase the students’ regularity and attention towards public school, the school has made compulsion to teachers and students in a tie, belt, uniform and identity card. He further informed that in this year’s academic session more than dozen children shifted to community school from private school. 

He agrees that due to the active participation of parents, it is possible to make the school better. Parents of Dhanatakuri help the school based on their capability. Those who can teach, they teach the students in the leisure period whereas those who can’t, they help clean the school.  There are the consistency and support of the parents towards the school. The principal of the school, Surya Oli said that even though, school is doing better than private, the school could not improve as he thought. We are not being able to succeed in meeting our goals. To bring the quality in education, the focus needs to start at a lower level. 

- Gorkhapatra Daily