Community school faces lack of students



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A school of Baitadi has only 1 to 2 students in grade 2. There are only 4/5 students in other classes.

Kedarnath Community School of Dogadakedar Gaunpalika has been on the verge of closing due to scarce of students. The school has run from Grade 1 to 5. Most of the students of the Rural Muncipality has been going to the nearby boarding school situated in Khochlek.

Despite of the necessary infrastructure, the total number of students in this community school is only 29. Among them 10 students are from the children development program.

The school had upto 150 students just a year ago. Now, the classes sometimes remain empty due to few students being absent.

The District Education Office has been discussing on the program of merging the schools with few students but has not been able to initiate the program. The District Education Officer stated that the management of the schools should be done at the local level and therefore the responsibilty should fall to the Rural Muncipality (gaunpalika).

(Source: Kantipur)