Commission to conduct Medical Graduate Entrance Examination


Kathmandu- Integrated medical graduate entrance examination system will be implemented. By pointing out challenges which are added in the management of medical education due to different criteria and different entrance examination calendar of various educational institutions of medical science, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is prepared to conduct integrated entrance examination.

Currently, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences and Patan Academy of Health Sciences are taking different entrance examinations. In a single academic year, educational institutes are taking entrance examinations on four different dates which give students four opportunities to be enrolled in medical sciences.

Personal Secretary of Giri Raj Mani Pokherel, Mr.Pushpa Dhakal told that Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has prepared to conduct integrated entrance examination from next academic year. According to Dhakal, Minister Pokherel has reached the decision to conduct integrated entrance examination after discussion with Vice Chancellors and Deans of all four academic institutions.

“Through the Medical Education Ordinance, the government has formed the National Medical Education Commission, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister,” said Dhakal. “Commission has started to do all home works to conduct examination and publish results through one door policy,” he added. According to Dhakal from now onwards under the leadership of this Commission medical entrance examination will be conducted simultaneously and students can study in different educational institutes on the basis of merit list.

Altogether two thousand students are enrolled in all four institutes and their affiliated colleges at the undergraduate level. Dhakal claimed that the organizations have trends to conduct entrance examinations before the announcement of the result of grade 12 under many unnecessary criteria, due to which students face difficulties and to solve this problem the government is prepared to conduct integrated entrance examination system. “The quality of medical education is not maintained by examining students four times for the same level,” Dhakal said. “The competent student will get an opportunity to study if the examination is conducted at once,” he added.

Dean of Kathmandu University School of Medical Science Mr. Rajendra Prasad Koju has different opinions. He claimed that integrated entrance examination will be easier to conduct but it will be difficult for students. He also advised maintaining uniformity in academic calendars of all four educational bodies before conducting the integrated examination. The four educational bodies have their own academic calendar. Mr. Koju also said it will be better to make clear regulations regarding the no of students that are to be taught with and without fees in different educational bodies according to merit after the announcement of the result of entrance examination conducted by Commission.

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