Classes being launched under the staircase due to lack of classroom



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Babiyachaur, Myagdi, Falgun 30: Amar Secondary School located in Pakhapani of Raghuganga Rural Municipality – 6, has started to conduct classes under the staircases due to the lack of classrooms.

Even though a new six-room building was built after demolishing the old eight-room building which was already dilapidated, there has been a lack of two classrooms in the building. Due to the lack of classroom, the students of class 4 were taught under the staircase of the first floor, said the Principal Yukumar Garbuja.

There is a total of 20 students in the classroom. Students have been complaining that while studying under the staircase, in the summer it would be too hot, in winter too cold and in the rainy season they would be all wet due to the rain. According to Principal Garbuja, the source centre office was being used as a room for administrative offices and teachers’ office.

The six-room building of the school was recently conducted with a fund of Rupees 48 lakhs from the Education Office and Rupees 22 lakhs from the school itself. The new building had been constructed because the old building was dilapidated due to the devastating earthquake of 2072.

Two rooms of the new building are being used as a computer lab and library. According to the Principal initiatives were being taken for the construction of a new floor and an additional four rooms. 293 students are currently studying in the school.