Children in Kulekhani area sell Rhododendron for stationery



Students of Kulelhani have been selling Rhododendron for collecting the money to buy the stationery materials. The Kathmandu-Hetauda road section is full of these children on the side road side who have basket full of the Rhododendron flowers.

Kids go to the jungle in their free time to pick up the flowers and then on Saturdays get on the roadside for selling them. Some listen to the kids while some even don’t care among the people passing by. Some even give them the money without buying the flower, say the children.

Kids who follow this rouitne are in the age group of 7 to 15 years old. They either spend the money to buy the books and pencils or hand over to their parents. A single flower costs from Rs. 10 to 20..Kulekhani, Deurali, Chisapanigadhi, Phakhel and places as such see these children waiting for vehicles and running to sell the flower  in order to collect enough money for buying the necessary stationery or to give them to their parents. 

(Source: Gorkhapatra)