Children of brick kiln workers deprived of education


Himalayan News Service

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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is all set to launch student enrollment campaign across the country from tomorrow. 

The ministry is launching the campaign to ensure that no child of school going age is deprived of education. But it is yet to see how this campaign will help the children of kiln workers to get enrolment at schools because as these workers keep on moving from one place to other in the search of work along with their families.

Manisha Magar, 27, has two children one of 11-year-old and another six. She, along with her two children migrated to Lalitpur from Rolpa in the search of work in November, 2017. 

She enrolled her children at a school nearby the kiln and she has planned to go back to Rolpa in May and by the time new academic session would have started there. 

Since she will have to again return to Lalitpur for work she doesn't want to send her children to school. There will be no one to look after the children, thus I will have to take the children with me to the place I work,” she shared. 

Narhari Aryal, Deputy Director of Compulsory Education based Department of Education, said the government has no record of the students who leave school in the mid session as there is no tracking system with the government.

According to Lochan Regmi, programme assistant of Brick Kiln Programme of Central Child Welfare Board, children employed at brick kilns cannot continue their studies as they have to move from one place to other for work. 

“Parents of these children should be made aware so that they send their children to school,” he added.