Campus Locks still not opened


Saptari, Falgun 21: Mahendra Bindeshwori Multiple Campus which has been locked down for a week with a demand to not let the campus be merged with newly established Rajshri Janak University. The concerned authorities are however silent about this issue and even the students are affected by this.

The campus was locked down for an unknown period of time on Falgun 13 because the authorities showed no concern towards the strike of the campus’s principal, staffs and the students. The government which was under the leadership of Sherbahadur Deuba, chairman of Nepali Congress, had made the decision to merge Rarawa Campus of Janakpur and Satyanarayan Suryanarayan Marbaita Multiple Campus with newly established Rajarshi Janak Multiple Campus. Principal, staffs and students of the campus have been on a strike to not let them be merged with the newly established Rajarshi Janak Multiple Campus. They have demanded to be left as a body of Tribhuvan University. With this demand, Satyanarayan Suryanarayan Marbaita Multiple Campus is also padlocked. The Principal, staffs and students had protested against the decision of the government and conducted strikes on various level. Since the concerned authority was not paying attention to that issue they had been forced to lock down the campus said the coordinator of the Union Committee, Singheshworprasad Yadav.

 The government had not consulted with them and had decided to merge the campus with Rajarshi Janak Multiple Campus and as a result, they had gone into a strike to protest that decision, he said.

Previously program for the strike such as working while wearing black cloth in hand, Pen closed, Classrooms postponed, etcetera had been conducted and finally the campus was closed down. Memorandum had been submitted to the Prime Minister as a result of dissatisfaction with the decision of the merging of the campus. There a total of 150 staffs working on Mabiba Campus. Due to the lockdown of the campus for a long period of time, the future of 1,700 students who are attending examinations on a various level is in jeopardy.