Campus to be established



Hetauda: The chief Minister of Province 3, Dor Mani Paudel said to speed up the process of construction work of Nepal India Maitri Polytechnic Campus. 

He observed the campus which is under construction and also discussed in accelerating the construction process.
Mr. Paudel gives direction to finish the work quickly to make the environment for studying within one and half year.  

The trees will be cut down from 1 Kartik 2075 for the construction. With an effort of the Indian government, the campus is being made and the responsibility for the construction is given to Indian Construction Company ' TCIAN'and Nepal’s  'Aarogya construction'. 

The construction company informed that the construction process of Nepal India Maitri Polytechnic Campus, Hetauda, Chitrepani is going to start after chopping down trees. 

Head of Nepal India Maitri Polytechnic Campus, Maheswor Ranjitkar informed that the cost for the construction of the campus is 38 crore Indian Rupees. He added that the campus is going to be built on the 17-acre land.  After its opening, the campus shall be able to produce required technical manpower for the development of the nation. Moreover, the campus will consist of building, residence, sports grounds, building for commercial training. In the first phase, the campus will be running Diploma in Information Technology(IT), Mechanical and Electronics programs.   

- Gorkhapatra