Buildings not yet reconstructed


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Sindhupalchowk – Bhimsen Secondary School located in Balefi Rural Municipality, Dhuskot, is still teaching its students in huts made up of wood. Due to the problem of the buildings, all classes are conducted in the same room. Even though it has been 34 months since the devastating earthquake occurred, the students have not been able to study in a building.

The building of Balefi Secondary School located in Fulingpangda of Balefi Rural Municipality has to be repaired from time to time. Since the school building is dilapidated, it has to be repaired throughout the whole year and this has caused problems. The children said that due to the aftershocks of the earthquake, there is a fear of studying in the building and thus, creating obstacles in the study. Tembathan school located in the Jugal Rural Municipality is still facing problems of lack of buildings.

This schools of the district have been facing problems in the physical infrastructure. The government has spent around 50 million for the repair of buildings of the community school. According to Central Level Project Implementation Unit, 647 million and 325 thousand rupees has been kept aside for the construction of the buildings.

530 schools of the district were completely damaged after the earthquake. Under the reconstruction program, the District Education Office divided funds to almost 104 schools in a proportional way. But, still, there is still the problem of lack of buildings in the school.  Even though the government has spent millions of rupees for the development of education, the infrastructure has not developed relatively.

In most of the government schools of the district, there is no provision for drinking water. There are no buildings in some school. Whereas in some, there is a lack of toilets. This problem is seen mostly in the rural villages which are far from the district headquarters. In some schools, two classes are being conducted in the same classroom, whereas in other places a classroom is divided into two rooms with the help of bamboos. Shanti Udaya Secondary School located in Attarpur of Lisankhupakhar Rural Municipality has submitted a request to the Education Office indicating the need for a building since there was the shortage of classrooms. ‘35 requests for the problems related to the construction of the building has been received,’ head of Central Work Implementation Unit Gokarnadhwoj Karki said, ‘almost every school has the major problem of drinking water other than the problem of toilets and buildings.’

‘For the construction and repair of the buildings’ infrastructure many applications have been received,’ Karki said, ‘3 hundred 50 schools have submitted applications for drinking water problems.’ He said that till then 94 schools were already constructed whereas 306 schools were under construction. 130 schools were still not undergoing construction due to various problems.