The British College’s Partner University Hits the Top 20


The partner University of The British College (TBC), The University of the West of England (UWE), has been ranked as one of the top 30 universities in the whole of the UK - a huge feat considering the UK has over 100 universities. 

The new Graduate Outcomes Survey results also revealed that UWE is in the top 20 of UK universities for graduate employability. The survey is released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) every year, and shows that 92% of UWE graduates are in work or further education within 15 months of graduating. This is the biggest annual social survey of it’s kind and confirmed that UWE is number one for employment prospects out of all the universities in the South West and number 18 in the whole of the UK - coming higher than 134 of its competitors.  

Graduates from the British College who study the BBA and MIBM, receive a degree from The University of the West of England. As graduates from UWE they are a part of an alumni from a university that its vice-chancellor, Prof Steve West, boasted is, “number one in the University Alliance for its impressive employment records and positive graduate employment prospects”.  

UWE is also a wonderful place for inclusiveness - boasting employment rates that are 2.5% above the average for Asian, Black, and Minority Ethnic graduates. In a world where employment is an increasingly competitive market, making sure that its students are prepared to be resilient for the workplace with core and adaptable skills, is of the utmost importance to TBC and UWE. That is why the college is are so proud to have been partnered with them for the past 8 years.  

Interim principal of TBC, Professor Mary Bishop said of the achievement, "It is excellent news to see our partner university UWE entering 'the table of tables', the key league table in the UK.  Already awarded a Gold for teaching excellence, this is further recognition of UWE's excellent work on student experience and employability. Delighted to add my congratulations to this achievement."  TBC also joined Professor Mary in congratulating UWE, and all of the students who have graduated from there, on this wonderful news.