The British College Concluded Virtual Graduation Ceremony Successfully



Kathmandu: The British College hosted their first ever Virtual Graduation Ceremony on the 14th December 2020. The event aired at 3 PM. All the students were sent a link, along with an invitation to watch and celebrate their achievements with their family and friends. 

The ceremony was premiered live on Xray Television along with youtube, the VGC College Website, and all other social media pages - including Instagram and Facebook. 

Throughout the recent pandemic, TBC has worked hard to convert all of their classes to an online platform; ensuring that their students' learning has not been interrupted, and their health has not been compromised. So, when it came to the 6th Annual TBC Graduation Ceremony, teachers were happy to rise to the challenge and make sure the students were still able to celebrate in the safest way possible. The expert team worked closely with staff and faculty to create a once in a lifetime event that the 2020 graduates would never forget. 

The ceremony began with pre-recorded speeches from The British College founder and CEO, Rajan Kandel and their Interim Principal, Professor Mary Bishop. These were followed with videos sent from special guests and advisory board members: John Edward Hollister Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich and Mr Michal Rutland. Before proceeding with the awards, students were blessed to have some special messages from their representatives at TBC’s partner Universities in the UK - Leeds Beckett and The University of the West of England. 

Once the speeches were finished, the virtual graduation ceremony commenced with the awards for the 446 students graduating this year - the highest number of graduates TBC has had since 2015. For this unique occasion, the heads and deputy heads of faculties and departments called the names of all students being awarded. Student’s picture, name, and profile appeared on the screen. Graduates were encouraged to cheer and celebrate with their families as they watched, and were given the facility to message their friends under the video to congratulate them. 

After each programme, the audiences heard from a graduating student from the course, who expressed their experience while at TBC. The British College is proud of its graduates and impressed with how they have accepted the challenges of the year and still achieved success.

TBC thanked everyone who helped to make the virtual graduation ceremony possible and successful at the same time.