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BPKIHS Rocked by Multiple Protests


June 28, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

Nepal's famed teaching hospital BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) is rocked by constant protests since couple of weeks.  Protesters are both from within and outside the BPKIHS. 

Former Chair of Faculty Welfare Society and Deputy Coordinator of the Joint Struggle Committee, Dr. Bishnu Pokhrel, said relay hunger strike would be started from Monday. ''We will not affect the medication of patients. But, we will start relay hunger strike from Monday,'' said Dr. Pokhrel.  

Faculties, students, staff, and nurses are protesting against the rampant corruption and disorder since 12 days. They are demanding fair, transparent, and vibrant administration at the BPKIHS. 

The protestors under the Joint Struggle Committee in the spirit of the protest seized control of the office bearers' transport vehicles citing misuse of office vehicles by those in power.

Meanwhile, a civilian group is also in protest against BPKIHS administration. A group called Citizen Pressure Network chaired by Rajendra Sharma has released a warning letter asking to fix all anomalies, corruption and disorder at the biggest government-owned health facility in Province 1. On 11 Asar (June 25) Citizen Pressure Network had given a three-day ultimatum to address the anomalies and irregularities by holding dialogue. However, no headway is made towards their demands, says the network.  

When RSS asked for their response, all BPKIHS officials declined to comment on the issues.

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