Books reached before the begin of new session


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Kathmandu, Falgun 4: Facing problems of lack of book materials in Jumla, this year, however, books have reached before the start of the new educational session. The District Education Office, Jumla, said that the books have reached the book shops in the district headquarter.

According to the branch officer of District Education Office Jumla, Mahesdatta Devkota, schools who had complained about books not reaching remote places were prioritized for making the books available on time. "In the past years, complaints regarding books being available only to the schools near the headquarters of Khalanga, and unavailability of books to the remote areas even till the end of session were made," he said, “This time with the books being sent on time we have circulated the school to take the books on time.”

“ New educational session admission is going on,” he said, “All the book traders have been instructed to send books to all schools within this period.” All local level has been informed to create the environment for students to receive the books within the regular study period.

The District Education Office is confident that the book will be available before the start of classes in 19 community schools in the district. “From Class 1 to 8 the book are color printed, "he said "there are 19,284 students from class 1 to 5, 7729 students from classes 6 to 8, 4813 students from class 9 to 10, and 1431 students in class 11 and 12."

This year, with books being sent on time, regular study will be possible and along with that the course is also believed to be completed on time. Even though the books are sent on time, problems would arise if the school will not purchase the books on time. Due to this reason, the District Education Office Jumla, is bound to take actions on the schools that do not purchase the books on time. According to Ganesh Rokaya, director of G.P. Stationary, in the first phase 2500 sets of books of class 6 to 10 were received and distributed. He urged the schools to notify about the demand of the required books on time.

If the books are brought all together in a large quantity there is a chance of all books not being sold and are left on stock, so the traders are now ordering books according to the demand of the school. Traders have said that they will provide the textbooks as soon as the school notifies them. The new education session in Jumla starts from the beginning of Falgun. Most of the schools have not started for the past three months due to the winter vacation.